Making Life Sweeter for Everyone

Making Life Sweeter for Everyone

Making Life Sweet for Everyone

Captain’s Chocolate was born from an entrepreneurial spirit that reaches beyond making a profit to a passion for truly helping others better their life. We believe in paying it forward to our customers and our farmers.  Our mission of producing the highest quality chocolate for the benefit of all chocolate lovers has led us to have a close personal relationship with our farmers.  

We make 100% organic whole bean chocolate sourced from single origin sustainably grown beans.  Our cacao farmers use “green” environmentally friendly production methods that have been learned from the leading universities in Costa Rica.  When you consume our products, you are receiving all the amazingly healthy parts of the cacao bean while supporting sustainable practices which gives back to the environment.  

All of our beans are sourced directly from the indigenous tribes in the Talamanca region of Costa Rica. This is a beneficial situation for both the cacao farmers and us.  We receive top quality, organic cacao beans and they are able to sell to us at more than double the price they would otherwise receive.  You have probably heard the term “fair trade”.  We use generous trade. Generous trade is a standard of paying more than “fair trade” prices.  Generous trade equates to enabling Costa Rican Indigenous families and their communities to thrive and grow instead of just subsist. 

Captain’s helps out in other ways as well.  Due to the mountainous terrain, getting beans to market is an impossible task for the Indigenous farmers.  To assist them, we developed a cacao route.  Twice a week, Captain’s drives up into the mountains to pick up beans from the farmers.  This means, even the smallest farms can now sell beans, when before they were not able to.

Best of all, Captain’s Chocolate is able to pay forward the wonderful benefits of these cacao beans to our customers.  We make 100% whole bean to bar, organic chocolate.  That means all the amazingly healthy parts of the cacao bean are in our products.  Nothing is stripped away from the beans unlike other chocolates on the market.  Using only two to four ingredients, which are selected with utmost care, Captain’s produces a truly pure chocolate.

Join us in helping others improve their lives one delicious bite at a time.

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