Inside Look at Indigenous Cacao Farmers in Costa Rica 

Relationship is not only an important factor in business but everyday life. We are leaving a “mark” wherever we go so we might as well give our best and reach out to others around us. When it is said and done, hopefully we have played a part in establishing justice and what is right in the earth.

This is the first episode in our series Captain’s Cocoa Company An Inside Look at Indigenous Cacao Farmers in Costa Rica. The episodes feature an introduction to different Cabecar Indigenous Cacao farmers and their plantations. We journey through their farms while they explain their knowledge and experiences with farming cacao in the Talamancan jungle of southeast Costa Rica.

Our company has strong relationships with these farmers that goes beyond business. They supply some of the best tasting beans in which we convert into our dark chocolate. Continue to follow us on Instagram @captainscocoa and on Facebook @captainscocoa for updates and new episodes.

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