How to Make a Cacao Chai Masala Frappe

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How to Make a Cacao Chai Masala Frappe

This chocolate chai Masala frappe recipe will have you feeling like an expert barista in your very own home! That's how simple it is! All you need is a blender and some very easily found ingredients at any local grocery store.


14oz Captain’s NaTruAl Brewed Cacao [Found Here]

1 TBS Captain’s Cacao Nibs [Found Here]

1 Cup Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream (any type of milk can be used but coconut pairs really well with Chi and Chocolate)

1 Cup Ice cubes (5-6 cubes)

½ TBS Golden Monk fruit or any sweetener of your choice

½ tsp pure vanilla

¼ tsp Chai Masala spice (to taste)

Blend all ingredients together in a blender or smoothie maker for about 60 – 90 seconds. Pour into a beautiful glass, sprinkle with a shake of the chai spice and sip your way to bliss. 

Be sure to check the video below to see just how easy this smooth, flavorful frappe can be made!

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